Educational Website Design Case Study

University of Black Excellence – UBESTL

UBESTL - Educational Website Design Case Study

Universities can be powerhouses of intellectual capabilities, especially when it comes to the black community. We created the University of Black Excellence with the vision of developing a brand that caters and captures the essence of black excellence, while highlighting a prestigious university.

  • Client Name: University of Black Excellence [UBESTL]
  • Categories: Website Design, UI Experience, UX Experience, Content Marketing
  • Start Date: September 4, 2021
  • Finish Date: September 15, 2021
  • Website: ubestl.worqflowconsultants.agency

Our Vision

When we first began working on the University of Black Excellence (UBESTL) for our educational website design partner network, we envisioned a brand that would be championed by other select universities. As we continued to develop the vision board, we found that in order to show the importance of Black Excellence, it was necessary to highlight certain themes. We researched over a dozen prestigious universities before completing our vision board, which we used as the guiding force for our initial design concept.

Design Process

We are proud to present the final result of our work for the educational website design. The client had a great idea and we were happy to make it into reality!

A beautiful website design is a major factor in the success of an educational institution. The task that our client set for us challenged us to do our best, and we ended up creating a tremendous product. The result of our work is a design that lies somewhere between classical and modern. In the process of creating this website, we maintained frequent contact with our partner network.

It was hard work. Today we can say that this is a worthy result for our creative team. Although educational websites are designed to provide information to students and teachers, they’re also a space for self expression and a reflection of the institutions that create them. With this in mind, it’s important for designers to consider the goals of their client, keeping in mind that function is more important than form. The best educational websites can provide information without sacrificing aesthetics.

Do you want such a result for your educational website? Establishing a consistent design approach early will save you time down the line as you iterate on your final product.

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