Networking and Social Anxiety

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You know it will expand your opportunities, improve your outlook, and broaden your perspective. So what’s holding you back from networking and expanding your circle? For some, the fear of rejection or anxiety about social situations stops them in their tracks.

Does that sound like you? Well, you’re not alone. For my part, I’ve spent time worrying:
“Will I be taken seriously?”
“Will I sound intelligent?”
“How will I make a positive impression?”

But I pushed through those fears, and built an ever-growing network of colleagues and collaborators. Here’s what I’ve learned. That fear? That feeling that stops you in your tracks and makes you doubt yourself? It’s all in your head. That may not seem like good news, but it is. It means that you have some control over how you respond to that fear.

What are we afraid of anyway? It’s the unknown. In our family and friend groups, we know how people will react. We can predict what will get a laugh and what values will be respected. With new acquaintances, you really have to embrace the mystery. 

Replace your fear with curiosity! Ask questions to find out what you have in common. Make a personal connection and shed light on the questions you had that held you back. Every person you talk to won’t turn into a genuine friend or collaborator, but that’s okay! The successful connections you make while networking will make it all worthwhile.

If you’re still feeling nervous about taking your next big networking opportunity, try focusing on smaller, more focused events. Schedule plenty of time for yourself to prepare and decompress if social events are tiring for you. Nothing worth doing is easy. Embrace the challenge of networking and watch your circle grow!

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