Maneuvering Through Uncertain Times: Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand!

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Even in the best of times, leaders are expected to perform effectively, maintaining the buy-in and confidence of their team. There are so many different roles to play! You have to be able to focus on ensuring positive outcomes for your projects and initiatives, while keeping a good relationship with the team and fostering team cohesion.

All of this is easier said than done, and that’s especially true when a crisis hits. Take, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, I’m sure you’ve thought about this a lot, but it’s crucial to learn all we can from events like this because I think they have a lot to teach us.

Challenges this big impact everybody in different ways. For executives and managers, they have the unenviable task of communicating changes to the team that may include cut-backs or even lay-offs. They have to set new expectations for ongoing projects, communicate cancelations, and continually cast new vision, adapting to changes as they occur in the market and in our personal lives.

To be blunt, there’s no use in hiding from big challenges. Though it may be difficult to guide a business through uncertain times, you have to see it as a major opportunity for personal growth and development. In order to learn anything from a crisis, you have to keep your eyes peeled and mind open. If you don’t hide from the unpleasant details, you’ll have a much better shot at adapting well to changes. If you acknowledge the pain and difficulties your team is facing, you’re more likely to keep their buy-in and be seen as a partner in getting through the crisis. After all, their success is your success. We’re all in this together.

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