Strengthen Your Network with True Relationship

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The word “Networking” gets thrown around a lot in professional settings, and you might be tempted to consider it a purely professional activity. Fair enough. After all, networking is an essential part of what it means to be in business. It opens up avenues, possibilities, and opportunities that are the lifeblood of any functioning organization.

But networking can be, and should be, more than just acquiring professional contacts. Stack up all the business cards you want. If you don’t focus on forming real, personal connections with people, you’re missing out on the best part of networking, and undercutting the true potential of these relationships. Let me explain.

Strong networking connections start with common denominators. Allow yourself to think outside the professional world and consider what personal values and interests you may have in common with the person you’re speaking to. By seeing them as a person, and meeting them beyond their professional role, you’ll begin to develop the most important trait of any fruitful relationship: Trust.

Give people the opportunity to meet you person-to-person. We have too much to learn from each other to keep it all work-related. Focus on building a diverse network to expand your learning potential even more. A network of true relationships that includes people from all walks of life will bear fruit in the form of professional opportunity. But greater than that, it will serve to enrich your personal life experience.

True networking is about building genuine relationships. Everyone wants to work with people they trust, and before you can build trust through your work, you have the chance to build it through an authentic connection. Are you doing this with your networking?

Challenge for Personal Growth: Think of someone you have a tough time connecting with and make an effort to find some common ground.

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