How a Diverse & Inclusive Culture Fosters Innovation

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We’d like to think that everyone in leadership positions genuinely want the best for their team. Most successful business leaders recognize the connection between a satisfied, thriving team and positive work performance. But some become hyper-focused on the bottom line, and need help understanding how values like diversity and inclusion translate to strong bottom line results.

When I speak with CEOs and managers about the importance of diversity and inclusion, my first objective is to illustrate for them the positive impact a diverse, welcoming work environment can have on their operations.

When diversity isn’t valued, your staff will reflect that. Folks who don’t come from the majority culture will often feel boxed out of the community. This kind of tension will eventually result in a team that doesn’t show much diversity.

By the way, I don’t just mean cultural diversity, although that is important. When I talk about diversity and inclusion, I’m talking about all kinds of diversity: Diversity of thought, age, gender, skills, temperament, and any other factors that impact work experience and performance.

When you assemble a team of unique minds with varied experiences, potential for new ideas, ways to reach new markets, and the ability to consider various perspectives, innovation is a natural result. This doesn’t mean one has to democratize the decision making process. But when leadership has to set new direction for the company, they’ll have at their disposal a wealth of diverging viewpoints and perspectives that will offer a more complete picture of challenges and potential solutions.

CHALLENGE: Next time your team meets to brainstorm or problem solve, look around the room. Are diverse perspectives being heard? Are they even represented? Consider how you could enrich your discussions with more diversity.

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