How A Poor Social Media Strategy Can Hurt Your Company

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So, what does effective social media engagement look like? How do you masterfully engage with your audience on social media? These are questions that I hear far too often from small business owners. I think the reason this is so important is because many of them want to create an online community around their brand, but they don’t take the time to understand how to effectively engage in their communities or how to build a vibrant online community around their brand. So let me layout the potential cost of not correctly utilizing social media for your company.

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First, if you’re not online in some way shape or form, you’re missing a huge potential part of your business through which you could connect with the customers that you want to attract.

Let’s talk numbers.

I recently enrolled a dermatology practice, so I can provide you with some actual numbers to help you understand the power of social media.

This practice realized that if they kept up their past marketing tactics, they wouldn’t be able to scale.

They didn’t engage with their current audience and appear to be inconsistent in their posting.

As I reviewed their Instagram account, I saw a post that received comments that were from possible clients.

Unfortunately, the practice didn’t work to understand what customers wanted and failed to engage them.

As a result of their lack of engagement, the consequences were:

A total of 10 prospects expressed indirect interest in their services.

Let’s assume they engaged & convinced 7 of these prospects to come in for a consultation.

The copay per visit is $175 for each patient. (7 x $175 = $1,225) $1,225 lost in income.

The average price of their services is approximately $995.

The in-person consultation had a 43% conversion rate, meaning 4 new patients enrolled.

Being generous, we’ll assume that 1 of the 4 received services totaling $1,990.

3 x $995 = $2,985 + $1,990 = $4,975. They missed out on $4,975 in sales.

The practice lost $6,200 for a month by not engaging with patients.

Prior to working with the client, the client wasn’t using organic social approaches at all.

What’s my point today?

You can’t rely on your audience to find you—you have to proactively go after them.

If you are not talking to your audience, you’re potentially losing out on a lot of revenue.

A failure to take basic actions caused our newest client $6,200 from just social media.

The same can be said of any business, if they neglect any of their marketing channels.

Point 1: Your audience is online and so are you. So why not meet them where they are: on their own turf?

Point 2: In the game of money, inaction is more costly than mistakes.

Point 3: Attract your audience’s attention, engage their interest, nurture a connection, then convert them into loyal advocates.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Pride and laziness are poor excuses for not growing.

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We’ll bring your marketing strategy to life by starting conversations with your target audience. By understanding their needs and how you can help them, you’ll also increase the likelihood they’ll reach out to schedule an appointment.

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