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WorqFlow Consultants

Client Policies


When a client has hired WorqFlow Consultants for a specific project (herein known as “Services”) they have agreed to abide by the terms and conditions created within our Client Policies handbook.

Pre-Project Consultation

WorqFlow Consultants shall provide Client with one sixty-minute pre-Service consultation. The Parties shall agree on an acceptable date and time for conducting the pre-Service consultation, but the manner by which the consultation shall be conducted shall be at the discretion of WorqFlow Consultants. In most instances, this consultation is conducted via phone, video chat, or in person. This consultation may be scheduled no later than.

Access to Required Resources

Client is responsible for providing WorqFlow Consultants with the proper access and details in order to start any project. Resources may be in the form of access to accounts (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Website Backend, etc…), contact information regarding company, etc…

If the start of a project is delayed due to the inability of securing required resources because of the client, WorqFlow Consultants will be free from any penalties. 


The total cost of all services WorqFlow Consultants agrees to provide to Client is either on a monthly or one-time basis (the “Total Cost”). Total cost is inclusive of WorqFlow Consultants services, any setup time, travel time and out-of-pocket costs, administrative fees, assistance, subcontractor costs.


Any expenses incurred by WorqFlow Consultants while providing Client with Services will be invoiced to Client in a timely manner. Client is responsible for paying for and delivering any third party software licenses or products Client wishes WorqFlow Consultants to utilize. At the firm’s discretion, WorqFlow Consultants will make reasonable efforts to integrate Client’s suggested software or products.

Cancellation of Project

Should the client decide to terminate their relationship with WorqFlow Consultants (The Determined CEO for those who previously worked with our older brand) then the client is expected to resolve any outstanding balances before closing any accounts or having accounts fully transferred within their names.


If you originally enrolled in “The Determined CEO’s” web and marketing membership offerings, those accounts came with a monthly membership fee that was deducted from your total balance of a custom website. You would need to pay off the full balance of your website before we can provide clients with access and transfer of host (if applicable).

Website Total: $1,800.00

Monthly Membership Total: $200.00

Number of Payments to Settle Balance: Nine (9) payments of $200.00

If you have yet to settle your balance, you have the option of paying your remaining balance in full or we can set up a 2-3 month payment plan. 


If it becomes impossible for WorqFlow Consultants to render Services due to the fault of the Client or parties related to Client, such as failure to provide necessary elements of the Services or failure of one or more essential parties to the Services to complete tasks in a timely manner, it is within the WorqFlow Consultants sole discretion to allow for any additional time or dates to render Services. In such an event, any outstanding amount will immediately become due and payable to WorqFlow Consultants [Read Below for Further Information]

Should the client go inactive for longer than 1 month (30 Days) with no communication, or attempt to contact WorqFlow Consultants, we have the right to place the project in an inactive status. In order to activate the project again, the client will have to pay a $275 re-activation fee.